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Web Design

Let's build your new home on the web.


Graphic Design

Let's make you look good



Let's show your best side.



Let's get you moving.


Web Hosting

Let's give you some space.


Here's what we can do for you


From a simple one page introduction site to more complex content management systems with e-commerce capabilities, we can help you build and decorate your new or updated home on the web.


Flyers, mailers, business cards, and other stationery are just the start. We can design and print your simple paper products or your banners, signs, brochures, and all marketing collateral in between.


If we’re designing and building your new site, why not leave it up to us to host it as well? We are happy to share our space on the internet with you! We feel it’s better to have as many of your eggs in one basket as you can when to comes to the internet. All of your stuff, all of your content—all of your you—in one place makes updates, revisions, and maintenance much easier in the long run. You make one call or fire off one email and it all gets done. It couldn’t be more simple.



John has done some incredible work for us as we worked through a total revamp of our website (both design & functionality) and our online marketing strategy with a media firm. He is quick, responsive and (frankly) wonderfully communicative - which is a bit unique for someone so technically gifted. He also is quick to grasp an overall concept - he "gets" it. I would highly recommend John for web site architecture & design, media production (video work is outstanding) and implementation of all things cyber. Great to work with.

Scott TerrioCooper & Company Ltd.

John shows initiative and creativity in his work. Just as important, he is extremely patient and personable - a real pleasure to work with!

Susanna SmithCommunications Consultant

John hasn’t just edited The KYŌ Conversations podcast for 2 years, he’s also been my coach! I’ve re-recorded intros because he knows when my energy or mood was off. That’s pure quality in my opinion.

Marc ChampagneKYŌ Conversations Podcast

So you’ve made it this far and you’re still reading

This is where most people list their skills. So I’ll do that. But rather than listing skills in things that may hold little meaning to you, I’ll tell you what else we’re good at (besides making your business shine).


For some people the internet and its related technologies can be hard to understand and sometimes downright confusing. We take the tech-stuff and translate it into people-stuff so that you can focus on what’s most important to you—running your business.


Everybody is trying to sell you something—including us. But we won’t sell you a Porsche when you need a minivan. Our services scale up or down to meet your current and future needs and we’ll only do what you need us to do.


Our relationship doesn’t end when the project is over. Most sites we build come with one month of post-launch fine tuning and we also offer flexible maintenance plans to keep your site running smoothly. Plus, we’re always reachable by phone or email when an idea strikes or a question arises.